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a5c7b9f00b J. Peter Wells, an expose writer, arrives on an island off the coast of South America (no country identified), to complete a book on voodoo, ju-ju,macumba, mojo and other cult beliefs, which he believes is responsible for unsolved murders on this island. Wealthy land-owner Venis de Vias warns him against stirring up the natives, especially any efforts to lessen the prestige of the reigning VooDoo Queen Mama Rata-loi. The arrival of Wells' daughter, Sara, and her husband, Warren, on a honeymoon trip, starts the pot to boiling and making the natives restless. Most restless of all is Mama Rata-loi, who asserts her powers and puts a spell on Venus de Viasa. The next thing honeymooner Warren knows is that he is trussed up and about to become the one chosen to die in a voodoo ceremony.
A writer who specializes in exposing fake witchcraft journeys to Brazil to investigate a voodoo cult.
This is a movie that offers everything. Minimal doses of gore, sexual suggestiveness, but overall a sense of subtlety that borders on Val Lewtonesque. I&#39;m not sure if director Douglas Fowley was trying for a deliberate feeling of ambiguity or if he was restricted by a low budget but whatever his reasons, it worked! Notice the scene where Peter Weils(Walter Reed) and paramour Venus (Ziva Rodann) are on the beach. A hawk flies down behind a rock and suddenly out steps voodoo preistess Mama Rataloi (Ruth DeSouza). Is she able to change her shape or was she behind the rock all the time and the arrival of the hawk just a coincidence? After she has spied on them she vanishes from sight again and just seconds later we see a snake sliding quickly away. Another coincidence? Personally I think not.<br/><br/>About the gore. There is a scene where Mama Rataloi shoves a hatpin dipped in snake venom through the eye of a man who dared to be a non believer. In the TV prints the whole screen just turns red at that moment but in the theatrical prints we actually see the pin go into the eye, a gore scene that pre-dates H.G. Lewis by 3 years! As for the voodoo depicted in this film being real, just watch what happens at the end of the film when the ceremony is quickly broken up by the police. I won&#39;t spoil it for you if you have yet to see the movie but if you have spent the whole running time deciding Mama Rataloi is just a fake, keep your eyes on her during the last minutes of this picture. MACUMBA LOVE was filmed in Brazil, not Haiti because the real voodoo people refused to co-operate with the filmmakers. Obviously the biggest selling point was not the plot itself but the inclusion of June Wilkinson, a British model whose lucky numbers were 44-26-36. Still the plot is handled along believable lines and there are some catchy authentic songs like &quot;Dance Kalinda&quot; and &quot;To Market&quot;. This is a hard film to find on video but well worth the hunt.
The Val Lewton movies about voodoo were done much better but then they had a much larger budget than this movie.<br/><br/>Not bad considering its obvious lack of a budget.<br/><br/>The acting is only passable but the beauty of Ziva Rodann and especially June Wilkinson is what makes this movie watchable.<br/><br/>There are some serious questions about voodoo and its applications asked in this movie and that is a kind of refreshing attitude of the subject.<br/><br/>June Wilkinson made a couple of other movies like CAREER GIRL and especially PARTY GIRLS FOR THE CANDIDATE costarring Mamie Van Doren and Ted &quot;Caddyshack&quot; Knight of all people!

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